My Journey to Feeling Better

Since I gave birth to my husband’s and my second baby, I decided to get an IUD (I will not mention which one at this point because I believe it’s irrelevant and I wouldn’t recommend getting any including the one I had). It seemed like the easiest and most reliable option at the time, since a mistake with the pill led to our second pregnancy, but a wonderful little boy (now 2). After I got … [ READ MORE ]

Why I’m Starting to Blog, Again

I have had many blogs in the past. My first blog in high school, I would post poetry on Blogspot that no one ever read. It was mostly an escape for me at the time. Then, I semi-blogged on Myspace around the same time period, but it was more like whining about how hard it was being a teenager with parents who cared. Next, I got extremely lazy with the rest of the world and … [ READ MORE ]