6 Items You Should Not Share

I have 3 kids, so I am not too grossed out by slobbery kisses and sharing drinks. With that said, there are certain things I will not share! You can call them some of my pet peeves. Here are some things I just can’t stand other people using:

  1. Toothbrush
    I don’t mind sharing drinks, but when it comes to my toothbrush, no one should ever put it in their mouth (not even my husband). I can’t stand the idea of sharing plaque… Like Anjelah Johnson says “That’s an option for you?”
  2. Loofah
    This goes for whatever is used to wash your body: a loofa, a wash cloth, a bar of soap, etc. I do not want anyone’s dead skin all over my body. That’s just nasty!
  3. Hairbrush
    When I look at my hairbrush, with tons of hair (and more dead skin), it better all belong to me. You never know what people have in their hair, and I certainly don’t want it in mine!
  4. Deodorant
    I don’t want pit hair or sweat of anyone but myself to be present on my deodorant. Thanks, but no thanks!
  5. Razors
    Not only does the razor pull up dead skin, it also can transfer blood when shared. So this qualifies as gross and detrimental to your health!
  6. Headphones
    Majority of headphones go in the ear now days. I personally don’t like putting someone else’s ear wax in my ear. You could also be exchanging bacteria and ear infections back and forth.

Sharing is a good thing, especially teaching your kids to share. Just make sure not to share things that could be harmful to your health, or just disgusting! I also don’t like sharing chocolate, but I make a few exceptions!

What items do you choose NOT to share?


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