12 Reasons Why You Should be Oil Pulling

Think about your mouth for a minute. Cleanest place in your body, right? WRONG! Did you know a typical clean mouth has 1,000 – 100,000 bacteria (some are good, but others are not) living on each tooth? Now consider all of the viruses, diseases, and other infections that are primarily transmitted orally. Still think your mouth is clean?

cooking oilBrushing your teeth is great, but it only cleans your teeth. Oil pulling, however can do so … [ READ MORE ]

Nix the Toxins with a Natural Detox Bath

I ran across a natural detox bath recipe from Jolly Mom and decided to try it. I always do my research when trying something I don’t have much knowledge about. So I found variations of this recipe multiple times with a lot of great responses to trying it. A lot of people said it made them sweat out toxins. I don’t eat perfect and I’m aware there are many unwanted toxins in my body, so … [ READ MORE ]