A Raw Look From the Mindset of Anxiety

Anxiety is something I’ve always dealt with, but only recently knew it by it’s name. If you have never experienced it, you might think it’s made up or fabricated. I’ve heard things like “They just want attention” or “They are making a bigger deal than it is.” Let me just say these types of statements couldn’t be any further from the truth! Most people suffering from anxiety have other struggles as well: PTSD, depression, panic … [ READ MORE ]

Wow! Over 2 Years and 1 Kid Later! Recap

My last post was almost 3 years ago! I took a break from blogging to focus on school. That’s right, I went back to college (again)! I’m working on getting a degree in Accounting (and rocking a 4.0). In all reality, my life is more chaotic right now than it was when I quit blogging, but I get things done. This post will be a little recap of things that have happened in my life … [ READ MORE ]

How to Pick a New Year’s Resolution & My Word for 2015 is #Peace


I have a really good feeling about 2015. I feel like it’s our year! By God’s grace, we will get out of this never-ending rut and begin doing God’s will for our lives! I know this sounds silly and lots of people say stuff like this every year, but I haven’t said or felt it before. I’m very excited for 2015!

Word of the Year

I have heard about people picking a word for their … [ READ MORE ]

A Fresh Start, an Open Heart, and Fasting

I just left our Monday night church meeting with excitement, hope, and intention. The women gather each Monday night in small groups to discuss the Sunday service and fellowship together. (The men do an actual Bible study.) I have been very down the last couple of months (thus, I haven’t had much inspiration for blogging). Depression and anxiety has been a real struggle of mine, lately. I was feeling discouraged and full of doubt. … [ READ MORE ]

Take a Break from Technology + $100 Sweepstakes

Is technology consuming your life and your family’s lives? Does your family always have something “turned on”? Parents on their phones and computers… Kids watching TV and playing on the iPad (tablet)… Do you have a time set up when your family shuts everything off and does something as a family? Read a book with your family… talk about what’s going on with everyone… go outside and play together… Most families are consumed by technology … [ READ MORE ]

Who Needs the Attitude Adjustment?

You know those days when all the kids are crazy, irritable, and grumpy. Those days where every time you turn around, someone is being super naughty or throwing a fit! And the more your kids act up, the more frustrated you get. This is a difficult cycle that can be pretty simple to fix.

attitude adjustment

I feel like I’m always telling my children to “change your attitude!” It took me a while to realize who’s attitude … [ READ MORE ]

How to Make Fights With Your Spouse Less Painful

Married people fight. It’s completely normal and it can actually be healthy for your relationship. Don’t you usually feel closer and more in love after a big fight? We do! Fights can be quick and painless, or lengthy and excruciating. Everyone has different personalities and fighting techniques. Nobody wants to fight (I don’t think), but it helps your relationship grow and your marriage thrive!


I’m the type of person who bottles feelings up inside a … [ READ MORE ]

Why My Kids Don’t Trick-Or-Treat


This post is not meant to start a riot, offend, or make anyone feel bad. Many Christians celebrate Halloween. I believe, as a Christian, it is up to each of us to decide what is best for our families, through prayer. That doesn’t always mean what everyone is doing is right (or wrong). Ultimately it is between you and God. My husband and I decided it is best for our family to NOT celebrate Halloween. … [ READ MORE ]

The Soundtrack of My Life

So many times a song comes on the radio and it brings me back to a certain situation in my life. A lot of difficult times in my life were encompassed by a song. It either explained what I was going through, or comforted me in the situation. This could be due to my passion for music, or it could happen to everyone. I’m not sure. But I plan on explaining my life through the … [ READ MORE ]

Say YES More, So NO Means More

If you have a strong willed child, you are probably starting to realize you need to pick you battles. All three of my children have gone through phases like this, but my youngest is probably the most stubborn out of all of them. He’s been babied too long and his recent hospital stay was 19 days of getting anything he wanted. He also knows how to work people… He knows when to be cute and … [ READ MORE ]