Who Needs the Attitude Adjustment?

You know those days when all the kids are crazy, irritable, and grumpy. Those days where every time you turn around, someone is being super naughty or throwing a fit! And the more your kids act up, the more frustrated you get. This is a difficult cycle that can be pretty simple to fix.

attitude adjustment

I feel like I’m always telling my children to “change your attitude!” It took me a while to realize who’s attitude … [ READ MORE ]

Why My Kids Don’t Trick-Or-Treat


This post is not meant to start a riot, offend, or make anyone feel bad. Many Christians celebrate Halloween. I believe, as a Christian, it is up to each of us to decide what is best for our families, through prayer. That doesn’t always mean what everyone is doing is right (or wrong). Ultimately it is between you and God. My husband and I decided it is best for our family to NOT celebrate Halloween. … [ READ MORE ]

Say YES More, So NO Means More

If you have a strong willed child, you are probably starting to realize you need to pick you battles. All three of my children have gone through phases like this, but my youngest is probably the most stubborn out of all of them. He’s been babied too long and his recent hospital stay was 19 days of getting anything he wanted. He also knows how to work people… He knows when to be cute and … [ READ MORE ]

My Struggles with Potty Training

When my youngest was about 18 months, he showed a huge interest in using the bathroom. My thought a�� Yes! This is going to be EASY! He has two older brothers and kids can learn things a lot earlier if they are eager to imitate their older siblings. Unfortunately, but not shockingly, my genius baby’s early potty training attempts were short lived. Those that have been there know that you can’t rush kids into it … [ READ MORE ]

Why Kids Should Never Watch Scary Movies

When I was in kindergarten I had a pet tarantula that I found in my yard. Gross, right? I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I didn’t touch it, but I liked to watch it. I only kept it for show-and-tell, then I let it go. That being said, I want to share how I acquired my biggest fear… spiders.

At the end of the year (of kindergarten), all of the girls from my … [ READ MORE ]

Treat People How You Want to be Treated

This is a phrase I repeat many times every single day. My kids are frequently fighting or being mean to one another. My 10 year old and 5 year old boys are usually butting heads. That’s quite an age difference. They both want to play together, but the 5 years between them causes a lot of problems. Tyler, my 5 year old is always picking things up from his brother, Evan – 10, that he’s … [ READ MORE ]