My First VoxBox From Influenster!

I joined Influenster a while back in attempt to get more exposure for my blog. I heard about VoxBoxes, but I wasn’t sure how to get one or when I would be able to get one. Then two weeks ago, a #FrostyVoxBox arrived in the mail. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even know I was getting one. I opened it and found a bunch of complimentary products, samples, and coupons to try.

frosty voxbox

I was … [ READ MORE ]

Nokia Lumia 521 {REVIEW}

I was not asked to review this phone, I just felt like it was necessary to share in case anyone is looking to buy this phone. I couldn’t find a decent review when I was planning on purchasing this phone. Our Sprint bill was getting to be too much to handle, so we (my husband and I) decided to move to the Walmart plan – Family Mobile (powered by T-Mobile). It was much cheaper and … [ READ MORE ]

Reading a�� Hate It or Love It?

Most people either love or hate to read. I’ve been in both categories throughout my life. I was pretty smart in school, but I was always a slow reader. That made reading frustrating and I HATED it! I read a few books in high school (by choice) that I liked. I read Hairstyles of the Damned, Shopgirl, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nearly all of the required reading, I did … [ READ MORE ]

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

As a blogger, I follow a lot of other blogs. My favorite blogs have a little bit of everything, which I try to do here. I like blogs with DIY’s, recipes, stuff about kids, and more. I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs I’m about to share. These are not in any order, because I don’t think I could truly choose a favorite!

  1. One Good Thing By Jillee
    I love Jillee’s blog. She