How To Make Money Testing Websites

I’m going to (reluctantly) share my favorite way to make money from home. It is super easy and pays very generously a�� like $30 an hour generous! A few months ago I heard about this website that pays you to test websites and I thought I’d give it a try. I was afraid it was going to be too good to be true, but I tried it anyway.

 The company is called UserTesting and the … [ READ MORE ]

How to Earn Money Taking Surveys

There are tons of survey websites on the internet these days. It’s hard to be sure which are legitimate and which are scams. You certainly don’t want to be putting your personal information in the wrong hands. Below are some survey sites I use and recommend.

My Five Fave Survey Sites

  1. – You don’t make a ton from this survey website, but it is the funnest one. You can take 3 question surveys for

Learn How to Buy Necessities for a Fraction of the Cost

Most items I buy for myself or the house, I’m not too picky about brand as long as it works and is reasonably priced. There are a few things though that I only like using one certain brand! What comes to mind is Dasani water, Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper, and Viva paper towels. I rarely buy these items from a different brand unless the price is just incredible!

When I hear that Walgreen’s had Cottonelle … [ READ MORE ]

How to Make Baby Wipes and Save Money {DIY}

Since I have a 2 year old and use TONS of baby wipes, when I came across a recipe online for Homemade Baby Wipes from the Money Saving Queen, I had to try it ASAP!!! Not only do I use wipes for diaper changes, but also for cleaning toys, highchair, little hands and faces, occasionally I’ll give a “wipe bath” if there’s no time for a real one, and the list goes on… … [ READ MORE ] Is it Legit? is a website that sells all sorts of items from jewelry to kitchenA�utensils. Most of the time they have 5 individual products for sale in the following categories: Main, Wireless, Watch, Family, & Jewelry. They also have a “Flash” sale going on that has a whole page full of sale items for a specific category that changes every day. Today it is the “Black Diamond Jewelry Collection” so you could expect to find all … [ READ MORE ]

How to Earn Money by Shopping, Easily

I’m frequently trying to find ways to save and earn money. I used to (extreme) coupon, which was really neat. It was exciting watching your total go down and only spending a fraction of retail price on household items and groceries, plus the many freebies. The only reason I discontinued this hobby/way-of-life is because of how extremely time consuming it was finding great deals, getting organized, and constantly correcting cashiers on their store policies. My … [ READ MORE ]