How to Earn Money Taking Surveys

There are tons of survey websites on the internet these days. It’s hard to be sure which are legitimate and which are scams. You certainly don’t want to be putting your personal information in the wrong hands. Below are some survey sites I use and recommend.

My Five Fave Survey Sites

  1. – You don’t make a ton from this survey website, but it is the funnest one. You can take 3 question surveys for 5-10 minute intervals every three hours and earn tickets for a daily $50 drawing. You also get coins to purchase more tickets or use in a $2.00 drawing that takes place every 4 hours. And you also earn a little cash (or change) for certain surveys. The longer you participate, the more tickets, coins, and money you earn. For referrals, you receive the same reward for every survey they participate in. If someone you refer wins the $2.00 drawing, you will also win $2.00. The more people you refer, the larger earning opportunity you will have.
  2. – This is my second favorite survey website. You receive emails a few times a week to participate in a survey that lasts about 5 minutes or less. You usually earn $.10 per survey, but their referral program is amazing. If you refer someone you can earn $25 for each referral. Now that can really add up!
  3. Pinecone Research – They send emails about once a week for a survey. You receive $3 for every survey you complete. Surveys usually take 10-15 minutes to complete. They also have product surveys where they send you a product to try, review, and earn more cash. You can make easy money and get paid to try new products.
  4. American Consumer Opinion – They send emails for surveys a few times a week. The screener surveys are short to see if you qualify for a longer survey. They pay you $.05 – $.25 for these short surveys. Their longer surveys pay $1 – $10 depending on the length. By referring people, you are entered into a monthly drawing for $50. They don’t have a referral link, so tell the person(s) signing up under you to enter your email address in the “Referred By” field. [mine is]
  5. SurveySavvy – You can earn up to $120 just for installing their software on 3 separate devices for 90 days. They also send surveys now and then to participate in for $5-$200 (that’s what I’ve seen so far).

More Survey Sites

The rest of the survey sites are legit, but I only take surveys on these sites if it’s worth my while. Some surveys pay pennies, some last over an hour (with little pay), and some you almost complete and get disqualified (I really don’t like those). So I would suggest signing up for all of them, then make a chart to see how many points are equivalent to a dollar so you can easily decide if you want to participate in each survey. Here are some survey sites that actually have surveys that are worth your time.

You really can earn a little extra cash by sharing your opinion. I always research survey sites and find multiple reviews before signing up for them. You should never have to pay to earn money (or provide your credit card). Try the survey sites I provided above if you need a little extra cash. Use your best judgement if you come across new survey sites, and share them in the comments below.


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