How to Make Baby Wipes and Save Money {DIY}

Since I have a 2 year old and use TONS of baby wipes, when I came across a recipe online for Homemade Baby Wipes from the Money Saving Queen, I had to try it ASAP!!! Not only do I use wipes for diaper changes, but also for cleaning toys, highchair, little hands and faces, occasionally I’ll give a “wipe bath” if there’s no time for a real one, and the list goes on… A few months ago we started buying wipes in bulk (why we didn’t do this sooner… I don’t know) and we saved money that way, plus we didn’t have to buy them as often.

The first time I made the baby wipes, we had plenty already, but I still had to try them out. The recipe says to use very good paper towels, not the cheap ones, but I didn’t have any at the time and tried it anyway with the somewhat cheap kind. They came out alright. I really liked them. I felt like they cleaned better than regular wipes do, but they were a little flimsy since I used a knock-off brand. I decided to use up what was left of the wipes we previously bought and try it again when I had “good” paper towels.

Personally, the best paper towels I have ever used are Viva (and not the ones with decorative print either, just the white ones). When I bought those (on sale for $.75/roll) I had to try making the wipes again. This time turned out SO much better, but the recipe wasn’t quite enough because of how thick these paper towels are. If you don’t plan on using Viva, I would use a little less water and soap. If you are using Viva (which you should), here is the recipe:

Empty Container (I used an old Huggies wipes box. You can use tupperware also)

1 Roll of Paper Towels

2 1/2 Cups of Water

2 TBSP of Baby Wash (Johnson & Johnson is great!)

1 TBSP of Coconut Oil or Baby Oil

Cut the roll of paper towels in half with a very sharp knife. Put one half of the paper towels you cut into a bowl. In a large measuring cup combine the water, baby wash, and oil. Give it a good stir.

baby wipe liquid 

Slowly pour 1/2 of the soapy water over the paper towels, letting it seep in as much as possible. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to soak the towels. Next, flip the towels over and pour the rest of the mix on the other side. Again, let it sit about 10 minutes.

pour liquid on towels


Then, remove the cardboard from the center of the towels.

Here comes the fun part, and it’s completely up to you how “fun” this part is. The easiest thing to do now is unwrap your new wipes in the empty container back and forth so they are easier to pull out. Don’t forget that these wipes are still attached to each other though, which can make it difficult to get them out while changing a baby. This is what I did the first time, but I didn’t like it too much.

The more time consuming, yet efficient way would be to tear each wipe off the roll and lay them on a cutting board.

lay out paper towels


Once they are all off the roll, I cut the wipes in half for more normal sized wipes.

Cut Paper towels in half


Then I laid each wipe in the container folded over, alternating directions, so that the wipes will be easy to grab if I’m in a hurry.

Place in container


They filled up the Huggies box to the very top with wipes. You can also set some aside and put in a Ziploc baggie to use for the diaper bag on the go. Homemade Baby Wipes can make a great gift for expecting mothers also, just attach the recipe and make it cute!

Homemade Baby Wipes

Baby wipes at the store can cost about $3 for 60 wipes or so. With this recipe, it costs about $.40 for about 90 wipes! That’s a big savings if you have little ones!


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