How to Pick a New Year’s Resolution & My Word for 2015 is #Peace


I have a really good feeling about 2015. I feel like it’s our year! By God’s grace, we will get out of this never-ending rut and begin doing God’s will for our lives! I know this sounds silly and lots of people say stuff like this every year, but I haven’t said or felt it before. I’m very excited for 2015!

Word of the Year

I have heard about people picking a word for their year, but haven’t ever thought to try it (until now). I knew without even thinking about it what my word would be for 2015. It’s something I really struggle with and I’m ready to change it. Going through this year has been hard on me mentally. I’ve been battling depression and anxiety off and on all year, so it wasn’t hard to decide what I really need to work on is what I’m always praying for: #PEACE!

When I worry and feel like I have to figure everything out, I need peace. When I’m feeling down or anxious, I need peace. When I run out of patience for my kids (and some adults), I need peace. When I feel like I can’t do it all, I need peace. It is exactly what I need to work on.

New Year’s Resolution

I’ve probably only had one successful New Year’s resolution, ever. Last year, I decided to read my Bible more. I’ve never read it cover to cover, and I didn’t plan on finishing it in a year, but I did read it a lot this year! When I am consistent, it is very beneficial for me, spiritually.

The trick to setting New Year’s resolutions is pick something you CAN do! Don’t set yourself up for failure. I could’ve made mine “Read my Bible every day” and that would be a good one, but things happen and if I miss one day, I would have felt like I failed. If you’re like me, and really hard on yourself, make a resolution not necessarily vague, but doable. Also, write it down! Most years in the past, I couldn’t even remember what my New Year’s resolution was. So, challenge yourself to be better at something this year! And if you do slip up, don’t get mad or give up a�� just work on it harder!

I want to be more productive in 2015. I want to accomplish something every day, even if it’s doing all the laundry. At the end of every day I want to be able to say I did that today. The bigger the accomplishment, the better.

Wish me luck for having more #peace and being more productive in 2015! And good luck to you on bettering yourself next year!

Have you picked a word or resolution for 2015? Please share (if you feel comfortable).


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