Learn How to Buy Necessities for a Fraction of the Cost

Most items I buy for myself or the house, I’m not too picky about brand as long as it works and is reasonably priced. There are a few things though that I only like using one certain brand! What comes to mind is Dasani water, Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper, and Viva paper towels. I rarely buy these items from a different brand unless the price is just incredible!

When I hear that Walgreen’s had Cottonelle AND Viva on sale this week, I was most certainly going to buy it even though I don’t really need either just yet. Consumer Queen shared about an amazing printable Cottonelle coupon for $1 off. Then when I went to print it and found out I could print 2, I was ecstatic! I have coupons from the paper for both Viva and Cottonelle, but neither were of significant value. So I was ready to go to Walgreens, but I thought I should first google “Viva coupons” to see if I could find a better one. I found a $.50 off coupon on Viva’s website which was twice the amount of the one from the paper. It also let me print 2 of the same coupon, so I was super excited!

After all that, I finally go to Walgreen’s and purchase (2) 12 packs of Cottonelle Ultra toilet paper, on sale for $5 each, as well as (2) 6 packs of Viva White paper towels, on sale for $5.99 each. That doesn’t sound like a very good deal so far, but wait. In the July coupon booklet from Walgreens they had $1 off coupons for both Cottonelle and Viva. So now we’re getting 12 rolls of tp for $4 and 6 rolls of paper towels for $4.99 (multiply those by 2). That’s much better, but still not great! Now, I use my (2) Cottonelle coupons for $1 off and my (2) Viva coupons for $.50 off. For the grand total, I’m getting 24 rolls of toilet paper for $6, which is $.25 per roll AND 12 rolls of paper towels for $9, which is $.75 per roll for my favorite brands!

This was one of my most exciting couponing trips yet. It wasn’t a lot of stuff, but it’s the first time I’ve used my new skills to by the products I love for a fraction of what they are worth.

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