My Journey to Feeling Better

Since I gave birth to my husband’s and my second baby, I decided to get an IUD (I will not mention which one at this point because I believe it’s irrelevant and I wouldn’t recommend getting any including the one I had). It seemed like the easiest and most reliable option at the time, since a mistake with the pill led to our second pregnancy, but a wonderful little boy (now 2). After I got the IUD, things started to gradually change in my body over the next 2 years that were very unpleasant and I didn’t make the connection for about a year and a half.

I doubt I can recall every detail, but the worst parts are still very fresh in my mind. I started having a lot of stomach problems. The symptoms were very close to those of gallbladder disease, celiac disease, pancreatitis, and possibly others. I won’t go into gruesome detail, but you can look up the symptoms if you are that curious (I know I would). The other major problem was fatigue which started small, but increased to the point where I could barely function. There was also stabbing pain in my lower stomach, upper abdomen, back, and a constant dull pain in my upper abdomen. I would get sharp pain above my right eye. I was always bloated and irritable. And all these symptoms led to mild depression.

When things started to get bad and we began to make the connection to the IUD, we didn’t have health insurance and I wasn’t able to go to a doctor. I had gone to the hospital for the pain once or twice, but after they did a few tests and the pain calmed down, they sent me home with no clue as to what exactly was wrong with me. It wasn’t until just a couple of months ago I was finally able to go to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything seriously wrong either. They are still eager to find out and I’m scheduled to see a couple specialists (GI and Thyroid) for further testing, but my gallbladder is fine and my vitamin levels are fine. I was glad to hear all the good news, but that wasn’t making me feel any better.

I had a lot of people very concerned about me. I tried everything friends and family members suggested (vitamins, supplements, etc.), but nothing helped. My mom went ahead and bought me a some Nutrilite vitamins and supplements, which she had recently started selling (as have I) and really believed in the products. I was very excited to try them from what she had told me! She had given me some samples of some products a few months back and I liked what I tried. Anyway, the day I started taking the women’s vitamin pack, immunity boosters, fruit and vegetable supplement, fiber, and Rhodiola (great for energy), I began feeling better. And each day after I kept feeling increasingly better. To the point where my stomach pain is few and far between, I have real energy, all of my other symptoms are gone, and I feel like a new person!

I’m not here trying to sell you something, simply sharing an experience that has changed my life and I’m so happy to share. I no longer feel down and hopeless, and I believe that is worth sharing.

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