My Struggles with Potty Training

When my youngest was about 18 months, he showed a huge interest in using the bathroom. My thought a�� Yes! This is going to be EASY! He has two older brothers and kids can learn things a lot earlier if they are eager to imitate their older siblings. Unfortunately, but not shockingly, my genius baby’s early potty training attempts were short lived. Those that have been there know that you can’t rush kids into it until they are ready.

A little later, we tried the method where you leave your baby naked for 3 days with accessible potty chairs near by (read Potty Training in Three Days or Less). I don’t doubt this method works, but I have a strong willed baby and when he lost interest, he wanted nothing to do with his potty for a long time. He also thought it was funny when he peed on the floor, so that didn’t help.

He turned three in May and I started feeling guilty… I’ve got that child that tells you to change his diaper, but won’t tell you he needs to go to the potty... I’m a bad mom… I haven’t tried hard enough. My husband and I had been trying many tactics to persuade our child to WANT to use the toilet. Occasionally, it would work, but most of the time it didn’t.

[Side note: Cylus had a blockage and struggles with constipation, so the bathroom has been an unpleasant place for him, to say the least. I believe this has a lot to do with him being reluctance to use the facilities!]

We bribed him with suckers, which worked some. Then one day we told him we would give him money if he went potty on the toilet… low and behold, he had a couple of accidents the first day, and NONE the next two. We were so excited to be going in the right direction. He had very few accidents for a couple of weeks.

Right as we were able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, everything collapsed. His tummy problems were getting worst (read our story about his hospitalization) and he preferred being a “baby” to a BIG BOY!

If you came here looking for answers, I don’t have them! I’m right there with you, but I do know that when something works, be persistent. When they have to go (and actually tell you), drop everything and go cheer them on! You can also take them to the toilet regularly (if they aren’t scared of it) which works well for most people. There are tons of options, but make your child comfortable (big toilet, potty seat, privacy, assistance). Maybe even a little bribery can get you through the hard part. Just stick with it and don’t give up. It’s bad enough having a three year old in diapers, hope we figure it out before he turns four.


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