My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

As a blogger, I follow a lot of other blogs. My favorite blogs have a little bit of everything, which I try to do here. I like blogs with DIY’s, recipes, stuff about kids, and more. I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs I’m about to share. These are not in any order, because I don’t think I could truly choose a favorite!

  1. One Good Thing By Jillee
    I love Jillee’s blog. She is so funny and honest. When she makes a mistake, she shares it which makes her totally relatable. She writes about DIY crafts, homemade cleaners, recipes, organization tips, and lots more.
  2. Living Well Spending Less
    Ruth is a Godly mother I admire and her articles about her children make me rethink what I’m doing as a mother. She is a less is more type of person, which is something I am seriously considering! She also writes about saving money, cooking, DIY’s, and much more.
  3. Lauren’s Latest
    Lauren’s blog is primarily a foodie blog. She makes the prettiest dishes that taste amazing! She also has posts about her family and traveling.
  4. An Organic Wife [No longer active]
    Every recipe you make from Cristina’s blog is going to be very healthy! She cooks her meals from scratch and shares how. I really want to utilize more of her recipes to help my family eat better. She has posts about safe foods and harmful ones, DIY’s, going green, and others.
  5. Mommypotamus
    Heather has a wonderful blog full of natural living. Her story is definitely worth reading (and sharing). She talks about water births, breastfeeding, healthy recipes, DIY’s, and so much more.
  6. Mommy Hates Cooking
    Another one of my favorite food blogs! Kristy started this blog because of her hatred of cooking, but she wanted to learn to love it. She has some amazing recipes and lots are kid friendly. Her menu planning system is one I try to use frequently. She also shares about her family and gardening.
  7. A Spoonful of Spit Up
    Erin has a super cute blog mostly about her baby Gibson. She also posts about cloth diapers, DIY’s, recipes, and product reviews.
  8. Wellness Mama
    Katie’s blog is all about how to live a healthier lifestyle. She has great articles for recipes, home, beauty, fitness, remedies, and much more!
  9. Viva Veltoro
    Ruth has a cute blog with awesome posts. She writes about reviews, travel, recipes, and more.
  10. DIY Natural
    Matt and Betsy are all about living naturally. They make their own EVERYTHING! I love their blog. They have DIY’s for tons of products, including cleaners, beauty, food, and health.

I feel like I know the authors behind these blogs. I love their topics and personalities. They make me strive for greatness! I try to incorporate their methods as much as I can, and I recommend checking each one of these blogs out for yourself!


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