Nokia Lumia 521 {REVIEW}

I was not asked to review this phone, I just felt like it was necessary to share in case anyone is looking to buy this phone. I couldn’t find a decent review when I was planning on purchasing this phone. Our Sprint bill was getting to be too much to handle, so we (my husband and I) decided to move to the Walmart plan – Family Mobile (powered by T-Mobile). It was much cheaper and no contract, but since you can’t unlock Sprint phones, we had to buy new phones full price. I decided on the Nokia Lumia 521, because it was reasonable and it looked very unique. [Just noticed Walmart cut the price in half since I bought it…]


The phone was pretty neat because of the tiles on your home page and how you can customize them. Then I started looking for applications and realized this is not Apple or Google… This phone has the Window’s store with apps made by Microsoft. I couldn’t find any of my favorite apps. There were some lesser alternatives that were trying to take the place of some of them, but lacked the quality. A lot of apps don’t work at all on this phone. And while most do work, they always end up giving a message saying “Problem with app” and I have to uninstall the app, then reinstall it again.

The Lumia began restarting while I was surfing the internet or on another app. At first this was just occasionally, but has turned into 3+ times a day. Every time it happens, the open apps give that same error message when I try to open them.

The shape of the phone is very sleek, but very slippery. It’s hard to keep a grip, so it gets dropped a lot! Luckily, it’s one of the most durable phones I’ve ever had (that’s a plus). The back has scratches, but I haven’t cracked the screen after 50+drops with no phone cover!

Overall, I have had an awful experience with the Nokia Lumia 521. I think other models of Nokia Lumia might be better, but this particular model has not been great, except for the durability!

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