Reading a�� Hate It or Love It?

Most people either love or hate to read. I’ve been in both categories throughout my life. I was pretty smart in school, but I was always a slow reader. That made reading frustrating and I HATED it! I read a few books in high school (by choice) that I liked. I read Hairstyles of the Damned, Shopgirl, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Nearly all of the required reading, I did not read. I would either skim the book or read cliff notes. I would not recommend these methods when required to read (for school or work). Anyway, I was glad when school was over, to say the least.

It wasn’t until the Twilight movies were about to come out and I was hearing such good things about the book series, I decided to give it a go. Don’t judge me because I love Twilight (Team Edward)! I enjoyed the Twilight novels so much, that I flew right through them! I was so impressed with myself, I contemplated the fact that I may not hate reading after all.

Later I read the Fallen Star series, which was great as well! I read each book in a day or two. When I couldn’t put it down, I started realizing that I was falling in love with reading!

Recently, I’ve read:

  • The Fault In Our Stars
    Bittersweet and impossible to put down. I fell in love with the characters and finished in 3 days!
  • The Shack
    Heart wrenching and amazing, this book helps you understand why God lets bad things happen to good people.
  • If I Stay
    Sweet and sad, super fast read with beautiful characters!

Books I’m about to read

If you already love to read, good for you! Check these books out if you haven’t already read them. If you hate to read, I suggest you keep trying until you find something you really like! It’s amazing how much more emotions can be stirred up by reading and using your imagination, than by watching the movie! The reason the book is always better is usually because they can’t fit the whole book into a movie, so you miss out on a lot when you settle for the movie!


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