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Is technology consuming your life and your family’s lives? Does your family always have something “turned on”? Parents on their phones and computers… Kids watching TV and playing on the iPad (tablet)… Do you have a time set up when your family shuts everything off and does something as a family? Read a book with your family… talk about what’s going on with everyone… go outside and play together… Most families are consumed by technology and neglect their family time in the process. These are times we will never get back! Are we missing out on many precious moments because of something as unimportant as technology?

break from technology

We use the iPad (and my old iPhone) as a “distraction” for my kids when they are bored, but it isn’t the right thing to do. Why do you think kids are getting so bored in the first place? Because of instant gratification! Where is the creativity in this young generation? They don’t know how to use their imagination, because they don’t have to a�� we have taken that luxury away from them.

I feel really guilty for being consumed in technology myself and for putting that on my children. It’s also a hard habit to stop, especially for children! Technology can be addictive (I think). We need to break this cycle before this time is gone. I don’t want to wake up one day and my kids are grown and I was distracted their whole lives.

I know technology is a great thing a�� I blog and make websites a�� so I’m aware how wonderful it can be! It’s awesome that we can connect with people around the world in seconds and keep up to date with friends and family, wherever they are. But where do we draw the line? And how much is too much?

All I want to do is limit my family’s access to technology, especially my kids. Everyone has different needs and opinions for using it, but it shouldn’t be something that is always being used! At the same time, we may need to give our kids options of what to do instead, until they get used to using this part of their brain. But I’m going to start decreasing their technology access, putting my phone down, and spending more quality time with my family! Who’s with me?

Foresters Tech Timeouta�? Sweepstakes

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