The Soundtrack of My Life

So many times a song comes on the radio and it brings me back to a certain situation in my life. A lot of difficult times in my life were encompassed by a song. It either explained what I was going through, or comforted me in the situation. This could be due to my passion for music, or it could happen to everyone. I’m not sure. But I plan on explaining my life through the songs that had the biggest impact on me. I will give a brief explanation, but won’t go into great detail here and now or this would be one very long post.

  1. Untitled a�� Simple Plan
    When I was a teenager, I struggled with depression, insecurities, and many more demons that were very hard to face. I felt alone, abandoned, and broken. This song was on repeat for so long from the time I came home, until I woke up in the morning. It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one hurting this bad, but that I’m stronger and I can make it through this.
  2. Stand in the Rain a�� Superchick
    This is the next song that made a huge impact on my life. I would cry every time it came on when I was 19, pregnant, and unsure of what life had in store for me. This song helped me stop worrying for a second, gave me courage, and gave me strength. It always came on the radio when I needed to hear it. I think of it as Tyler’s song, since he probably heard it 100+ times in my belly.
  3. Hosannah a�� Hillsong United
    I was pregnant with Cylus when this song came out. I was planning for a VBAC, but he was getting so big and I was going past my due date and I’m so small! I told my OB I thought I should have another c-section, which I was terrified about (my first ended with incomplete numbness, sedation, and loss of memory for the first week of my child’s life). This song came on the radio all the time and I felt like it was God’s way of comforting me! On our way to the hospital, I heard this song and felt so much peace. Then, during the C-section, this song came on the radio again and tears streamed down my face. Everything was going great and I was about to see my 10 lb 3 oz little angel for the first time!
  4. Every Time You Run a�� Manafest
    The first time I heard this song, I was going through a rough patch with my dad (who I just started having a real relationship with). It felt like his song about his struggles and his emotions. It softened my anger toward him. He sent me a text soon after and even though I was still mad, I said “I love you.” A little later I was so grateful I said those 3 little words, because it was the last thing I said to him before he passed away. This song brings back a lot of emotions every time I hear it.
  5. Forever Reign a�� Kristian Stanfill
    A lot like the last song, this one reminds me of my dad. It gives me peace about losing him. The song says “I’m running to Your arms” and I feel safe knowing he’s with Jesus and I will see him again one day! Several bands sing this song, but this is my favorite version.
  6. Hold Me Now a�� Red
    After my dad died, I shut down emotionally for a year. I didn’t really realize it, but I wasn’t communicating with my husband and things went downhill quickly. This song helped me truly give it to God a�� my pain, my marriage, my family. I had to put everything in God’s hands, because I obviously couldn’t do it all by myself anymore. I related to this song and I clung to the words “rescue me somehow.” We got through it by the grace of God, and we’ve all had to make changes to make it work!
  7. Oceans a�� Hillsong United
    When my family moved to California, it was very difficult because we didn’t know very many people here. It was a struggle feeling so lonely without friends or my family. This song was just so comforting to me. Then I starting reading my Bible every day and we found a church that we loved from day 1 and things started getting better!

This post has ended up sounding like my whole life has been full of pain and grief, but that’s really not the case. These are just the songs that helped me survive. They got me through the roughest times in my life. There were so many good times between and even during the bad, but I didn’t need a song to hold on to for them. I think music is therapeutic and can heal, especially uplifting music. I believe God gave these people (and musicians in general) gifts for this very reason. One song can save someone’s life! What songs have saved yours?


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