Treat People How You Want to be Treated

This is a phrase I repeat many times every single day. My kids are frequently fighting or being mean to one another. My 10 year old and 5 year old boys are usually butting heads. That’s quite an age difference. They both want to play together, but the 5 years between them causes a lot of problems. Tyler, my 5 year old is always picking things up from his brother, Evan – 10, that he’s too young to do. Evan is stuck playing with someone so much younger than him that he gets frustrated easily. It’s just a tricky situation.

Anyhow, one of them is often caught hitting, pushing, calling names, or some other not nice behavior. Then comes “Treat people how you want to be treated! Would you like it if he did that to you?… No?… Then don’t do it to him!” This is the conversation that takes place at least once a day. Hopefully, this will sink in one day and it will no longer be in my daily repertoire.

I was laughing about it the other day. If I had a nickel for every time I had to say that! That and “Where are your clothes?” to my 3 year old.

What is your most used phrase to your children?

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31 (NIV)


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