Vapor Rub, Bare Feet, and My First Series {Going Greener}

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Since everyone in my house has been sick all week, I was going to post about putting vapor rub on your feet. And while I was researching about how our feet absorb things, I came across this post that freaked me out: Soles of our feet – what and how much can they absorb topically? This post mentioned 2 things that really got me thinking and Googling:

First, it said Vick’s VapoRub was “a product made from petro chemicals.” I never thought that Vick’s or Vaseline was potentially harmful. After researching, I’ve seen many cases on both sides, which has left me indecisive on that product. But, it did get me thinking more about how many things I use (on me, on the kids, or just around the house) that are actually dangerous, that I don’t know about. Then I started looking up harmful chemicals in household products and the lists were long and scary!

The next thing this post said (which was exactly what I was looking for and already knew) was how much we absorb through our feet… For instance, if there’s bleach on the floor and someone goes in there barefoot, how much will our feet absorb? How long will the bleach be able to be absorbed? Just until it dried, or longer? I don’t clean the floor with bleach, but that was just an example. This scared me, because I’m a country girl barefoot queen! I only wear shoes if I have to! I’ve gotten a little better about wearing shoes in the last couple years (partially because of my husband complaining about my rough feet… ha ha), but I prefer being barefoot. So now I’m wondering what all my feet absorb on a daily basis. My kids are also frequently barefoot, which I always thought was fine! So now my whole ideology on bare feet has been shaken up and I’m in a state of utter confusion!

For a while now, I’ve been getting more knowledgeable about going natural a�� using homemade cleaning products, cooking from scratch, and getting rid of harmful chemicals (that I’m aware of). I’ve always been envious of people who make everything homemade and have almost no store-bought products in their home. I guess, I’ve never had the startling realization of how much this could benefit my family and our health, until now!

My plan is to start making more products myself and “going greener” in the Green residence (since I already went “green” when I married my husband!). I will share everything I trash and everything I make as my knowledge grows on the matter. This is the beginning of my Going Greener series. Be on the look out for more {Going Greener} posts soon!


7 thoughts on “Vapor Rub, Bare Feet, and My First Series {Going Greener}

  1. We try to avoid vaseline and other petroleum-based products, just because my husband used to work in a hospital and was pretty surprised when he found our that his hospital banned the use of baby oil because made from the same sort of stuff. That was enough to make me wary!

  2. I’m Puerto Rican and growing up Vick’s Vapor Rub was considered a cure all for everything… cough, headaches, bloody noses, pimples…. everything! I’m curious to see what you learn along your getting greener journey. Have fun!

    • I’ve always used Vick’s for cold and flu symptoms. I didn’t know it was used for everything else too! That’s really interesting.

  3. I’ve been looking for alternatives especially for floor cleaning. We’ve already gone chemical free on soaps and deodorants (since the skin is our largest absorptive surface) but I really don’t like using conventional floor cleaners for just that reason. And we’re a barefoot country family too Jessica!

    Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

    • I usually just use a steam mop to clean our floors. You can also use vinegar, soap, and warm water! Just a couple ideas!

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