Who Needs the Attitude Adjustment?

You know those days when all the kids are crazy, irritable, and grumpy. Those days where every time you turn around, someone is being super naughty or throwing a fit! And the more your kids act up, the more frustrated you get. This is a difficult cycle that can be pretty simple to fix.

attitude adjustment

I feel like I’m always telling my children to “change your attitude!” It took me a while to realize who’s attitude really needed to change. For a long time I was convinced when my kids have an attitude, it was just that. There are times though that their attitude is due to something else.

I’ve had to learn to look at my attitude when my kids seem impossible. Quite frequently, their attitudes change as soon as mine does. Sometimes all it takes is a hug and “I love you!” When all they hear are “No!” “Stop!” “Quit!” and other negatives, they just get more difficult. They need positive attention more than negative.

Another reason kids act out is because they aren’t getting enough attention! So they’ll do anything, good or bad, to get some attention! My middle child does this the most. He’s either “too big” or “too small” to do everything (at least that’s how he feels, sometimes). I have to go out of my way to make him feel special. I take just him to the gas station, or the grocery store, or other little things so he feels included!

Changing your attitude on a dime can be difficult though, especially for me! But even if you’re frustrated with your kids (being kids), put a smile on your face, say “I love you!” and give them a good hug! That alone can melt your heart enough to start working on your attitude. Love is very powerful and your kids need to hear, see, and feel that you love them! Even adults need signs of love from your spouse to feel loved. We need to make plenty of time for each child and give them plenty of loving affection! This can even prevent kids from acting out so severely in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Who Needs the Attitude Adjustment?

  1. Oh yes…
    Most often it’s me that needs the attitude adjustment. I am, after all, the adult. When I initiate a shift, they often will follow suit. Sometimes we call a time out and all head to a separate space, cool off and then start over.
    Thanks for sharing this great reminder.

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